Saturday, May 26, 2007

notes on my crafty progress: a stitch at a time

I'm making progress on my Isabeau Purse. I finished the body of the bag and learned how to pick up stitches so I also finished the sides. I also figured out what blocking is and blocked what I've knitted so far. My next step is to shop for some fabric to line it with. So, based on my current rate of procrastination, the next update on this project may be in a few years. hee.

I am also going to try learning how to knit cables without a cable needle so I can eventually make one of these cabled bags.

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


I love the idea of making my own charms, so I got excited when I came across these two great tutorials:

~ how to make a cute Octopus charm with polymer clay. The best part about this tutorial is the steps can be easily adapted to make other kinds of charms out of polymer clay.

~ how to make fabric charms.

Ideas for charms are now dancing through my head.

links found via Craft Zine Blog

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Saturday, May 12, 2007

skull and needles

Digging through the Craft Zine archives, I found the pattern for one of my next knitting projects: a booty bag. I haven't actually finished any of the other projects I started recently and I have none of the supplies for this project, but that won't stop me - it'll just delay me indefinitely ha!. Anyhoo, if you decide to take on this project, too, the designer of the booty bag pattern has a Flickr photoset of the process to help you along.

I also thought that adding the skull design from the booty bag, to this bowling bag pattern would make a great project.

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Saturday, May 05, 2007

I heart monsterbubbles

Last night, I was wandering around Etsy and discovered the monsterbubbles Etsy shop. I must admit, I have such a huge craft crush on monsterbubbles!!

This is my monsterbubbles wish list (and my birthday is coming up soon ~ what a coincidence! hee) ~*~

from the etsy shop (note: if there are no kits available on the etsy site, do a search for the pattern charts, as there are other online retailers that have them): two The Four Season Screen Frame Kit

from the monsterbubbles site: dwell

Feel free to share your favorite monsterbubbles and craft crushes in the comments below.

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